Magdalene’s damaged life spirals downward until she is saved from death by Jesus of Nazareth. She becomes his primary disciple. She rises to bear the secret, radical knowledge he taught to an elect few. 

IN THE PRESENT STORY, forces with sinister plans for world domination silently draw a cordon of death around the discovery scholars intending to destroy them and the gospels they unearthed. But they will not stop there. Annalisa’s successor, the reforming new Pope Valentinus, becomes another target of the shadowy cabal as they seek to annihilate all witnesses to the content of the gospels. 

SET AGAINST THE CLASH OF OPPOSING EMPIRES and a backdrop of murder, espionage, and betrayal,  MAGDALENE PNGMagdalene is pursued by a sadistic Roman assassin as she embarks on an odyssey across  the ancient world. She seeks the key that will make her worthy to reveal the true message of the martyred Jesus before she too is silenced and her native Judea is destroyed in a rain of fire and blood.

MYSTERIES OF THE BIBLE SOLVED –This is the groundbreaking novel that fills in many of the puzzling passages and mysteries woven through the familiar scriptural stories of the Bible. Mary Magdalene’s story is not just about the lost feminine voice of the early Church—her story is our story, the universal saga of humanity’s origin, destiny, and purpose. It is the story of an explosive divine knowledge being silenced by opposing powers to prevent a shocking truth from transforming mankind with a new paradigm for existence.

BASED ON GENUINE SCRIPTURES using the near- lost gospels of the earliest Judeo-Christian mystics recovered recent times, Peter Canova reconstructs Western spiritual history in a spellbinding page-turner about the fall, transcendence, and redemption of a universal force that struggles to break free of its material bonds and regain the grandeur of its spiritual origin.