The Thirteenth Disciple is the second book of The First Souls Trilogy, the sequel to the multi-award winning Pope Annalisa. Together they have won 20 literary awards including  the INDIE AWARD for BEST BOOK SERIES,

Mary Magdalene is The Thirteenth DESMONUSDisciple, the true heir to the secret teachings of The Christ mentioned in the Bible, in letters of the early Church fathers, and in suppressed gospels rediscovered in the modern age.

EARTH SHAKING DISCOVERY! WE travel back and forth in time from the near future to the biblical past. Seven scholars unearth the Gospels of Mary Magdalene in southern France based on a prediction by Pope Annalisa. The discovery unleashes forces of light and shadow that have been waging eternal struggle in higher dimensions since the creation itself.

FORCES WITH SINISTER PLANS FOR WORLD DOMINATION silently draw a cordon of death around the scholars intending to destroy them and the gospels. But they will not stop there. Annalisa’s successor, the reforming new Pope Valentinus, becomes another target of the shadowy cabal as they seek to annihilate all witnesses to the content of the gospels . << read more >>

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